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Here's People Say About Working With Beverley:

Former District Fitness Manager turned multiple 6-Figure Online Business Owner

Hi! I’m Beverley, and when I first became a personal trainer almost 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people. Fitness transformed my life. I stopped living in a narcissistic mindset, started loving my body, and helped my clients live a healthy diet free lifestyle.

I got up every morning and hustled in the gym from 6am until 8pm, day in and day out, wanting more than anything to help people feel free from the current and common miserable lifestyles.

I believed that in order to make that happen I needed to become the smartest trainer in the building because science is linear and would help me serve people.

I got as many certifications as I could get my hands on: NASM CPT, CES, PES, SF, PN 1, PN2, SFG1, CFSC, TRX, Kettlebell Concepts, and so on.

The trouble was that it didn’t matter how smart I was. I needed to learn how to sell my services to my perspective clients and help them see how my certifications would translate into a transformation for them.

Not only did I unleash a powerful burning passion to master the nuances of messaging and copy, I tripled my impact on the general population. I helped hundreds of personal trainers get better at the science of training and sell their products and services.

In fact, I was the fastest growing personal trainer to go from personal trainer to assistant fitness manager to fitness manager to district fitness manager player coach responsible for hiring and developing personal trainers and leaders.

Over the years, I’ve noticed the trainers who work the hardest are often the ones who end up struggling the longest.


Because they operate from the Coach's Curse – knowing that there’s always more out there to learn. It’s a gift for clients who want actual results, but it can often hurt the selling efforts. Clients who need their work often miss it.

I am on a mission to help smart-but-struggling personal trainers and physical therapists finally generate the revenue they want online and make the impact that they desire and deserve.

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